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Sharanam; Indian Sanskrit;Surrender. SURRENDER: remaining EMPTY

Yoga; from root Yuj; Union.

Surrender to the union of your personality with your divine Self. Surrender ego, mind to Supreme Being, rising above desire and attachment; like the lotus flower rising above the water, secreting the most amazing divine nectar. Ultimately to be one with our Divine self; everlasting bliss, joy, love, peace, happiness, light and optimum health. The lotus flower grows from the darkness, the mud, towards the sun; the light.



"I have taken many yoga classes all around Miami Beach and this is my favorite. Jennieke creates a wonderfully calming environment and practising Yoga under her guidance has become an essential part of managing my stress."
-Lindsay Smith, certified nurse midwife, mom.

"Since I started doing Yoga with Jennieke my life changed completely. It opens an wider universe inside and outside".
-Cynthia Zak;journalist,writer,sufi dervish.

"Jennieke's classes are not only a physical workout,but also a workout of the soul and spirit.It is been a life altering experience and I have felt incredibly centered and tranquil after every class. She definitely teaches in the true spirit of Yoga or Yoke,where the mind and body are to be trained simultaneously. She is a true Guru for modern day woman and I feel blessed to be able to attend her classes."
-Carmen E, mom, computer teacher.

"Jennieke is by far the best Yoga teacher I ever had. I have taken Yoga classes since more than 15 years in different countries and of different schools.Her approach to unite body and soul is amazing.She will show you, how to correctly stretch and breathe,as well as how to really relax and surrender to the moment. Her Yoga lessons touch every string inside of me, from the physical all the way to the Spititual aspects of my being."
-Claudia S. Levy,ceramic artist, realtor.

"Jennieke You were so wonderful with the children. You are a natural. They were so peaceful after the class.."
-Ms Lorena St. John Montessori.

"Thank you Jennieke for guiding us through our journey to inner balance with your great Post- Natal class."
-Karina Maggioni

"Yoga with Jennieke is like pressing a reset button: gentle, restorative, reenergizing."
-Evelyn McDonnell, Freelance writer.

"Share time with Jennieke, It's a moment of inspiration to connect yourself with the most deeply and simple humanity feelings. coming from her positive energy. The beauty surrounding her."
-Rosana, St. John's Montessori Academy.