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Yoga for Kids:

Yoga for children, a Hindu Philosophy, relevant for today's children, who are often overbooked and stressed, over stimulated by competitive sports, video games, too much television, peer pressure. Those who are not active are often overweight. Bringing Yoga to schools, yoga centers or in your private home setting is a great and helpful way for kids to cope with stress, emotions.

In a fun and loving way;in child size portions your child will learn Yoga. A tool for their well being for the rest of their lives. It enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness, peace of mind.

They learn about the interconnectiveness and interdependency between themselves and the world they live in through getting into the asana postures; most of them called after animals like; lion,turtle,cobra,camel or living things like; warrior, tree, flower. Living in an intimate relationship with nature and all living things and experience the beauty inside and outside of themselves makes them feel safe and connected. 


One of Jennieke's young yoga students at Shakti Yoga Loft. Photo: Miami Herald

It gives them self esteem being able to accomplish these poses.
Sound is used a lot during the Yoga class; It is a great tool to relieve and adds auditory dimension to the physical experience of Yoga. When children imitate the movement and sounds of nature, it gives them a change to take on its qualities. In Lion Pose. They not only become the lion; powerful, courageous, strong, but also learn when to retreat in the turtle pose; calm and inward.

Jennieke has observed in the last 6 years of her doing Yoga with children, that from 5 years up the children are more ready to move into stillness,meditation. They are so happy to have learned a tool for home and school, to which they can always retreat and find calmness, peace, inside themselves. A great tool to deal with their emotions,stress, fear, pressure. I am so happy that more and more schools have included Yoga in their curriculum as it is an amazing tool for the children today.

Jennieke is teaching Yoga in different Montessori Schools; Le Petit Papillon, St. John Academy, Morningside, Casa de Bambini. Temple Beth Sholom, Miami Children's Museum; Charter School and yoga centers. She is available for Private Yoga sessions and any questions about Yoga for your children.

In Sharanam,

Testimonial from Miss Rachel Wellington; -Director Casa de Bambini,
"You were so wonderful with the children. You are a natural. They were so peaceful after the class".


"And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love, but not your thoughts; for they have their own thoughts." -
Kahlil Gibran;-The Prophet