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Healing through Surrender

Sharanam Yoga is an Integral Yoga in the Sivananda lineage with its focus on the act of Divine Surrender to maintain Balance. Balance is Health in body and mind. Sharanam means Surrender ; to give oneself, to let go to experience ones inner spirit; Our Divine Essence. For in the entire giving , that there comes the finality of the Yoga; Union . The perfection of Being, The transformation of our nature into a well balanced, integrated personality.A natural state of healing rest to the entire system.While the body experiences this profound rest, the mind is bathed in silence.The real aim of Yoga.
Surrender ego,mind. Rising above desires and attachments,because these are the cause of all our suffering. Physical and mental. Like the lotusflower we rise above the water; equivalent to the everchanging nature ; flow of existence to secrete the most amazing nectar,Self realization; Permanence , Security.
From darkness to light
From ignorance to wisdom
From Death to Immortality.


Sharanam Yoga is practiced in personal, warm, loving enviroment, assisting you to feel comfortable to open and be, feel yourself.

This yoga class is for all levels. For the beginner student a great way to slowly learn and feel the effects of sharanam Yoga and for the more advanced student an opportunity to deepen the practice of self realization and Well Being.