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Yoga for Seniors:

Senior Yoga is a gentle,compassionate,easy yoga,especially for older men, women ( 59+)
Yoga is an ancient system of gentle exercisies and breathing techniques to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

Senior Yoga is beneficial for prevention and reduction of common health and emotional problems,linked with older age. Improves circulation, range of motion in joints, low back pain, breathing difficulties.
Release tensions; neck and shoulders. Reverse aging process. Unlike other types of exercises; Yoga incorperates breathing and awareness into movements,reducing stress and increase overal wellbeing.

This class is based on simple,functional, repetitive and easy to follow exercise,asanapostures,with an emphasy on deep breathing,all in a non competitive atmosphere.Most exercises can be done in a chair or in comfortable standing, or on a mat(taught on floor).Chair yoga is for the seniors,who are unable to lie or kneel or sit on the floor.Stretch and hold poses in simple ways to gradually ease tight joints and muscles and build strength.Regain mobility, coordination,balance and fullness of breath; Joy.

Staying active as you age is essential for staying healthy, happy, and living longer. Feeling,stretching, breathing, will make you more in touch with yourself,enabling you to accept ,who you are and in what condition your body is now.This creates a positive approach in your life. You will experience an uplift in your mood.Great way to stay in touch and connect with other seniors. Share, Laugh and have Fun.

This stage of your life gives you more time for yourself, family, friends and relaxation.
Use it wisely. Do Yoga or start Yoga today and feel the difference in your overall wellbeing. Sharanam Yoga with Jennieke is looking forward to be there for you and assist , guide you to a happier ,healthier life. Jennieke is able to come to your seniorcenter,assisted living residences or home.
Call or email for more information and registration in advance.

JENNIEKE - Yoga Instructor
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