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Bio: Jennieke; Founder of Sharanam Yoga. Certified Yoga teacher in the Sivananda Lineage. .Practicing the art of Yoga since 1989 and teaching since 1999.Born in The Netherlands.

Jennieke finished College in Holland and unexpectedly became a Topmodel, traveling all over the world for more than 12 years, 1984 – 1996.While working as a model in Milano, Paris, Munich, New York, Miami,Amsterdam she got introduced to Yoga in Munich, at a Sivananda Ashram.

Jennieke feels very fortunate to have started her path of Yoga with an Ashram environment because she got to experience from the beginning the real spirit of Yoga. Non competitive, calm, healing . Traveling around the world brought her in contact with different styles of Yoga. Sivananda Hatha , Jiva Mukti, Kundalini , Ashtanga; Raja , Iyengar, Sampoorna ,Bhakti; Devotional Yoga.


Jennieke with her children.

Yogi Bhajan, Miami Beach
Hanuman, Miami Beach
Called master of masters, Dharma Mittra, New York
Aadil Palkhivala, Bellevue,Washington
Carl Carrozzo, North Miami; Intuitiv healer, Yogi, Guru

Jennieke now she teaches in the believe, that to have a well balanced personality , we need to address the different aspects of our being;the physical,the mental, the emotional and the bliss body. Jennieke believes that it is necessary to integrate different styles of yoga to achieve overall well being. In 1996 she ended her traveling and came to Miami Beach,loving the feeling of open space, sun, and tropical trees.

In 1997 her first daughter was born, Cloe Gea and in 2000 her second daughter , Serena Lotus .Happily taking care of her daughters, she kept up her homepractise , during her pregnancy and after.
In 1998 she did an intensive 8 week Ashtanga teacher training with Wayne Krassner;Patabi Jois ,Dharma Mittra disciple.In his studio ; The Yoga Loft she started her path of Teaching in 1999.Starting with Mommy & me yogaclasses. In the Miami Beach Maternity center with whom she homebirthed her two daughters,she taught Post- natal and Pre Natal. Her believe for mothers to take care of themselves with Yoga during and after pregnancy is very strong. Yoga is the best tool to stay centered and calm and be the rock in the family..Being a well balanced mom is essential . . Jennieke is very passionate about sharing her Yoga experience with new and becoming mothers.

In 1999 Jennieke started teaching Yoga for Kids in Schools; Le Petit Papillon, St. John, Temple Beth Sholom, Public Schools and Yogastudios in Miami , Shakti Yoga Loft and Prana Yoga studio, Coral Cables. She feels very fortunate to be able to teach the children the Art of Yoga in a fun , but educational way. It is so important for the kids now , growing up with so much stimulation, stress, pear pressure to know a tool, Yoga, to retreat to and find peace and security within themselves.

In 2004 Jennieke started teaching yogaclasses for Adults around Miami Beach and Coral Cables; Prana Yoga Studio., That is when she founded Sharanam Yoga; A restorative hatha yoga , that uses and teaches the act of surrender;Sharanam to achieve Health and Peace of Mind.She quotes:” HEALING THROUGH SURRENDER” Learn to surrender, while you slowly open your body in the yogapostures and feel the natural state of healing rest.This yoga is for all ages and set in a warm and loving , non competitive environment. For the beginner student a great way to gently learn and feel the restorative and calming effect of Sharanam Yoga and for the more advanced student an opportunity to deepen the practice of Self Realization and Well Being. Jennieke uses her intuition and accumulated knowledge over years in her classes to make everybody feel comfortable and being able to surrender and open themselves to feel whole, healthy and happy.

In 2007 Jennieke became a certified yoga teacher in the Sivananda Lineage with Yogi Hari; Sampoorna Yoga on his Ashram in Miramar, Miami. This is where she felt the growth in herself with the devotional side of Yoga ; Bhakti Yoga.She feels a strong connection with Krishna and after being initiated into the Sivananda Lineage by Yogi Hari, she received her Indian name Janaki, another name for Sita,;the wife of Rama, same lineage as Krishna . Janaki stands for purity and courage to everlasting surrender, devotion to Rama;Krishna . Jennieke has definitely surrendered herself to the path of Yoga and keeps meditating and practicing Yoga to be open and able to listen to her inner voice;intuition.Receiving more insights to help her students advancing on the path of Yoga and being able to live a well balanced life in Health and Fullfillment . We are the master of our lives. Just be open, stay in the moment, eat right, think positive, breath right, exercise properly.Associate with the right people ; Satsanga

Her classes are growing and her students enjoy her simple straightforward way of teaching with a warm ,sensitive and intuitive touch.Jennieke keeps taking workshops with Dharma Mittra, Aadhil Palkhivala;Purna Yoga,Yogi Hari;Sampoorna Yoga, Swami Jyotirmayananda in South Miami;founder Yoga Research Foundation..Also taking weekend trips to New York to take classes in the Satchidananda Center, Integral Yoga keeps her yoga practice alive and evolving.

Since 2008 she visits Swami Jyotirmayananda, Sivananda lineage in his Ashram and enjoys his silent presence and educating lectures on Self- Realization whenever she can.Learning, evolving, growing, accepting, being is the only road Jennieke knows, wants and loves to travel.
In Sharanam, Jennieke


"I have taken many yoga classes all around Miami Beach and this is my favorite. Jennieke creates a wonderfully calming environment and practising Yoga under her guidance has become an essential part of managing my stress."
-Lindsay Smith, certified nurse midwife, mom.

"Since I started doing Yoga with Jennieke my life changed completely. It opens an wider universe inside and outside".
-Cynthia Zak;journalist,writer,sufi dervish.

"Jennieke's classes are not only a physical workout,but also a workout of the soul and spirit.It is been a life altering experience and I have felt incredibly centered and tranquil after every class. She definitely teaches in the true spirit of Yoga or Yoke,where the mind and body are to be trained simultaneously. She is a true Guru for modern day woman and I feel blessed to be able to attend her classes."
-Carmen E, mom, computer teacher.

"Jennieke is by far the best Yoga teacher I ever had. I have taken Yoga classes since more than 15 years in different countries and of different schools.Her approach to unite body and soul is amazing.She will show you, how to correctly stretch and breathe,as well as how to really relax and surrender to the moment. Her Yoga lessons touch every string inside of me, from the physical all the way to the Spititual aspects of my being."
-Claudia S. Levy,ceramic artist, realtor.