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Yoga for Adults:

Sharanam Yoga is a restorative yoga, that uses the act of surrender ; sharanam to maintain Health and Optimal Well being in Body and Mind.Learn to surrender, while you slowly open, stretch your body in the yogapostures;asanas.Experience a natural state of healing rest,deep rejuvenation .Yoga perceived and developed thousands of years ago, by Yogis, who deep in the jungles of India ,China dedicated their lives to learn how to master their mind and bodies.In this environment they observed the animals in their movements, resting. How they instinctively cured them selves, when sick.As they experimented with the different postures of the animals on their own bodies,they felt the subtle effects of these movements on their organs and glands. That is when they invented a system of thousands of exercises. Now called yogapostures;asanas. Many of these are called after animals;cobra, lion, downward dog, hare, scorpion,tree, tortoise. Showing the interconnection between nature and ourself and the course of evolution we went through.


Simple breathing , meditation techniques are used to release tension, toxins , stress from the body and mind. Reach your full potential of Health. Realize your true Self; Satchidananda. Existence, Knowledge, Bliss.

Sharanam Yoga is practiced in a personal, warm,loving environment . Helping you to feel comfortable to open and be yourself.Just the intent to take care of yourself with love, respect and courage is all you need to take with you to the yogamat.

This yogaclass is for all levels. For the beginner student a great way to slowly learn and feel the effects of Sharanam Yoga and for the more advanced student an opportunity to deepen the practice of Self Realization and Well Being.